Weekly Reading List: Week Ending January 16, 2009

Weekly Reading List:

“The Right Way To Do Wrong”, Harry Houdini – Written to explore the depths of the underworld in 1906, there are some striking comparisons to modern day scams and thievery.  It is absolutely amazing how little things have changed.  You can find the text here: The Right Way To Do Wrong

How to Suck at Information Security, The SANS Institute – Very direct, and very true categorization of most commonly ignored reasons that infosec programs fail.  There is even a PDF cheat sheet available.
The info is here: How To Suck At Information Security

Verizon Wireless 2008 Data Breach Report – This has actually been out for a bit, but there is a lot of information to be gleaned from its pages.
The Verizon Wireless page for this is here: Data Breach Report
Richard Bejtlich has the best writeup I have seen on Verizon’s report:  TaoSecurity

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