Firewire Target Mode and Other Apple Goodness

When performing information forensics on Apple platforms we have a few options for acquisition:

  • Firewire Target mode
  • BackTrack or Helix 3 (tested on intel platforms – works great, some caveats, though)
  • Pull the drive and do your thing!

Here is an article that describes yet another use for Firewire target mode.  It is good to be reminded of the flexibility available through some of these features:

Macworld: “Firewire target disk mode to the rescue

While I am at it, here is some more wonderful Mac goodness:

TUAW: “Keyboard Shortcuts During Mac OSX Startup

Somewhat related to the Firewire target mode discussion above.

Download YouTube (in HD as well) using Safari or FireFox

(Also useful for other streams).  Make sure to use the “HD” format so you can get .mp4 format in iTunes – otherwise you will need an FLV player.

Teleport: Control Multiple Macs With One Keyboard Mouse (Mac-centric Synergy-like program)

I have long used Synergy, but if you watch your logs you quickly realize that Synergy on a Mac is very “chatty”.  This is a good stand in for Mac only control.  If you need multiple OS support, then Synergy is for you.  Here is a Synergy version that is friendlier to Macs.

Are there any “Can’t live without them” features I have left out?

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