Have Cellphone, Will PDF

January 13, 2009

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This is another Gina Trapani “Upgrade Your LIfe” tip I found that has been HUGE for me.

I am a major whiteboard fanatic – if it were up to me all surfaces of every wall in my life would be covered with whiteboard.

The folks at Qipit.com will take a photo of a page , whiteboard, etc. and convert to PDF.  This service works straight from your mobile phone (assuming that you have a camera and email – you DO have that, right?), requires no software install, and is absolutely free – a killer combination.

As an example:  I have registered my number with Qipit and placed the “copy@qipit.com” email address in my contacts as “Qipit”.  Now when I need notes from a whiteboard I simply snap a shot with my iPhone 3g and email it to user “Qipit”.  Within seconds I have a PDF version of my whiteboard.

Occasionally the transmogrification will fail, simply realign the shot and repeat – it takes seconds.

The website is here: http://www.qipit.com/

Lifehacker Goodness

January 13, 2009

From Twitter: “http://twitter.com/vidocrazor/statuses/1108280366

I discovered Lifehacker not too long ago – there are some incredible gems mixed in amongst some of the cruft.

Gina Trapani’s book “Upgrade Your Life” is essentially a Best of… for the site and well worth the price of admission.

Some of my favorites from the book:

Quicksilver: Has sped up the use of my Macbook considerably.

Email and File Management: Includes some advanced uses for Spotlight.

Firefox Add-ons: Some of the add-ons recommended by the book have completely altered my management of investigative information gleaned from the web.

Time Management: Several tips from the book have increased my daily output.