Weekly Reading List: Week Ending January 23

Translucent Databases, Peter Wayner – This book is older by technology reference standards (2002), but I find the concepts in it to be critical for secure database design.  The amazing thing is how many databases with sensitive information don’t use these very simple techniques.  The book itself is only around 175 pages.  You can find it on the original author’s site here:  Translucent Databases

Chaos:  Making a New Science, James Gleick – If you can read this book without having your head spin with new ideas and concepts then you might be a zombie.  Mr. Gleick manages to describe key concepts and work being done in the field of  chaos  without bringing in thick math.  This book was a best seller and was nominated for the Pulitzer prize.  You can find the author’s website here: Chaos: Making a New Science

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